General requirements for the article design

The Microsoft WORD (DOC, RTF).
Paper size – A4. The volume of articles - up to 5 pages.
Times New Roman font, size 14, line spacing -1.0. margins: top, bottom, left, right – 2.2 cm each.
The first line is the UDC index (left edge).
The second line is the title of the REPORT (in lines 2-4, center alignment).
The third line is the author's Full Name (ROV).
The fourth line - Organization, city.
The fifth line is E-mail.
Resume - 4-5 lines in Russian (required) and English (preferably), with a line spacing of 1, width alignment. Separated by one empty line from the title and main text of the report. The main text - with a line spacing of 1.0, width alignment, and 1 cm indentation.
A bibliographic list is required, placed at the end of the article.